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An initial blogging consultation via email can help to establish what’s best for your intended audience. Original, researched content and confidentiality guaranteed.


High-quality posts are the foundation of every successful blog. Without the right content, blogs can become a hit-or-miss. If you would like increased website traffic (and the time to do more things for your brand), maybe it’s time to hire a blogger.

Card, Casino, and Bridge Writing

Blackjack, contract bridge, poker, and the international gaming industry is booming. Articles, blog posts, and interviews covering various card games, tabletop games, and esports can be written-to-order for specific markets.


Copywriting markets, sells, or informs. Corporate customers, private clients, and influencers all use copywriting to get important news known. Excellent copywriting is aimed at increasing traffic while getting the message across. Blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, and ads can count as copywriting.


Ghostwriting produces fiction or nonfiction work as a consultant for a secondary writer. Articles, stories, and e-books can be ghostwritten on behalf of another author. Notes, consultations, and research gets used to match up with the required writing style/tone.


Proofreading is the process which fine-tunes an early writing draft. Grammar, tone, style, and language are elements that are considered during proofreading. If writing doesn’t seem just right, proofreading can bring it to perfection.

SEO Writing

Online writing gets indexed and ranked by search-engines and social media platforms. SEO writing (short for Search Engine Optimization) uses keywords to aim for higher-ranked content. For blogs, brands, and websites, SEO writing can produce increased website traffic and superior local and international search results.


Transcribing produces an accurate, written record from audio or visual sources. Its results are useful for administrative, research-based, or legal reasons.