Alex J. Coyne is a copywriter, blogger, card player and proofreader. Here’s more about what’s been published where: See the Writing Samples page for more or get in touch to request specific writing samples.

Feature Articles and Blog Posts

Articles, features and blog posts have been published in several international publications including – 

♤ Authors Publish
♤ Bridge Canada Magazine
Folks Magazine
Funds for Writers
Great Bridge Links
People Magazine
The Dollar Stretcher
The Investor
The Penny Hoarder
Yoga International

Successful Market Syndication

His features have also been syndicated to markets including Yahoo Finance and MSN Money.

Radio Interviews

He has also appeared on radio (Kaya FM, Radio Namakwaland, RSG) to discuss topics ranging from personal finance through to Braille.

Book Contributions

Additionally, he’s been published as a contributor in several books including How to Promote Your Book and Out-of-Work to Making Money.

Books and Contributions

How to Promote Your Book – Contributor (2019)
Edited by Caitlin Jans

Looking for the perfect guide on how to promote your book, whether you’re a traditionally-published or self-published author? How to Promote Your Book is a collection of practical, real advice from writers that serves as a guide for what you should be doing to help your writing achieve success.

Out-of-Work to Making Money – Contributor (2019)
Compiled by Anne Emerick

Out-of-Work to Making Money tells the stories of people who were once out of work, how they faced the challenges of being out of work, and how they returned to earning a living.

Skrik op die lyf (2015)
Deborah Steinmar, Gerda Taljaard & others
NB Publishers (Tafelberg)


A collection of horror stories about ghosts, hauntings, conjuring, poltergeists, wandering spirits, fortune tellers, stigmata, miracles, seers, séances, sangomas, tokoloshes, djinns, ghostly lights and all that’s unexplained. Noted yarn spinners like Kerneels Breytenbach, Henning Pieterse, Jaco Jacobs, Marion Holm and Marié Heese will scare you out of your wits. This collection also sees some frightfully talented scaremongers making their débuts.

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