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Alex J. Coyne is a journalist, writer and bridge player. He’s a long-time writer for Great Bridge Links. His other writing includes markets like People Magazine, Funds for Writers, Caribbean Compass, CollegeHumor, Folks Magazine, The Dollar Stretcher and a wide variety of others. Sometimes, he’s a ghostwriter, too.

He serves as one of the ambassadors for Bridge2Success, encouraging more worldwide bridge playing both online and off. When not playing with traditional decks, he has a love for trading card games.

Great Bridge Links

Great Bridge Links is your #1 resource for bridge information, bridge software, bridge website links, bridge schools and everything else that’s relevant to bridge today. See examples of some articles for Great Bridge Links below, or go to the main article archive at the link to read more.

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Bridge Ambassador for Bridge2Success

Bridge playing should be encouraged worldwide, and I serve as one of the ambassadors for Bridge2Success in order to promote bridge playing and learning – and emphasise its relation to learning, building the brain and critical thinking sills in life, love and business.

Download the information pack for Bridge2Success from the World Bridge Foundation here, or see what world famous bridge player Zia Mahmood has to say about the Bridge2Success Iniative.

Bridge2Success Official Website
Great Bridge Links: Interviewing Bridge2Success
World Bridge Federation: What is Bridge2Success?
YouTube: Bridge2Success Interview with Ela Tomczuk
YouTube: Zia Mahmood About Bridge2Success


Funbridge is one of the premier online bridge options out there with more than 400, 000 active members playing over 800, 000 deals per day. They offer a bridge introduction for new players, practice sessions, tournaments of the day, official federation tournaments and more.

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Looking for a bridge event to attend, or want to find a place to advertise and promote yours? BridgeScanner is a website that conencts you with an international catalogue of bridge events in just a few seconds, and it’s perfect for finding or listing any event when you’d like to plan your bridge schedule ahead of time.

For more about bridge, I also write a regular column for BridgeScanner about the game.


In addition to other regular bridge writing, you can find more original bridge blogs and articles written by me about all things bridge through, one of the world’s top worldwide bridge blogs.
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