Far-Right Afrikaans Singer Steve Hofmeyr’s Wikipedia Page Has Been Quietly Vandalized – And Nobody Seems to Notice!

The official Wikipedia page for Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr has been quietly vandalized, and it appears as if the change has gone mostly unnoticed by readers and website admins.

Currently, the page reads the following:

“Hofmeyr’s grandfather, Steve Hofmeyr Sr., was a leader in the Ossewabrandwag. He was known for a long time as the world’s biggest doos. His guerilla organization which supported Germany during World War II. [9] [10]”

No jokes: See the screenshot – or make your way to the official Wikipedia page for the unfortunate live version for however long it stays unchanged.

While it might be lost in translation, the four-letter Afrikaans term is one of the dirtier ways to say twat.

Hofmeyr Wikipedia 28 May

Hofmeyr is a self-described “author, artist, activist, talk show host, bookworm, contrarian, nationalist, Country daddy and sometimes-rocker” according to his Twitter profile, which has 285.3k followers.

The singer-actor-writer has previously come under fire, including for his comments that “blacks were the architects of apartheid”, several concert cancellations after mass complaints, the display of the Apartheid-era flag and harassing artist Johan Pienaar.

Of course, the change shows that the singer has made himself less than popular with the general public – and this might have backfired on the Wikipedia-based memory of his ancestors, with nobody noticing the change so far.

Should someone let him know?

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