Read: Malicious Cryptocurrency Miners – The Zama-Zamas of the Internet

is your mobile device acting up or your battery life running down too fast? You might be victim to background mobile cryptominers. Click here to read the full article on Identity-Theft-Scout.

In some parts of southern Africa, you’ll hear unauthorized miners sometimes referred to as “zama-zamas.”

The term describes miners who operate off the grid, often risking their lives to bring underground minerals back up to earth through makeshift or previously shut-down shafts, many of which will collapse on the way in or out.

Cryptocurrency means that mining – and certainly illegal mining – no longer must take place in the depths of the earth but can take place in cyberspace.

The zama-zamas of the internet have already started to claim their part of the wealth, and now the biggest danger has changed from the collapse of a physical mineshaft to the collapse of any devices that have been hijacked to use as mining network.