Someone wrote a heavy metal book for children, and it’s the best thing ever!

“Don’t Fear the Dark” is a children’s book by author Lav Nandlall, illustrator Kaylee McHugh and layout artist Jeanine Breuer detailing the history of heavy metal music for children – and it could just be one of the coolest things you see this year.

Their initial press release for the book describes it as what would happen if “Dr Seuss and Ozzy Osbourne spent a crazy night out on the town”, and it features heavy metal bands illustrated in cartoon-fashion with fitting write-ups to match.

About the book, Lav says, “There’s a huge misrepresentation and misconception about heavy metal or rock music in general, so this series of books was born out of the need to educate a new generation not to ‘fear the dark’. The books are also here to celebrate the headbangers of our past and those that led the way for our future.”


“Tony chopped off his fingers at the factory / And unintentionally made heavy metal history / By tuning his guitar to a lower key / And mastering 3 tones, of which 2 are a D.”

Who wouldn’t love that?

The book aims to detail the history of heavy metal with a difference, and Don’t Fear the Dark is the first in a series of 11 different books.

Copies can be ordered directly from the author.